Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Féraud – Brunel Côtes du Rhone Villages Rasteau 2010 Wine Review

Here it is mid August and I’m already thinking about fall.   I see my adored Le Creuset pot looking kind of lonely on the shelf, I taste this week’s Wine Wednesday feature the 2010 Féraud – Brunel Côtes du Rhone Villages Rasteau and I’m suddenly longing for braised meats and stews.

This red wine from the Southern Rhone Valley of France is a blend of largely Grenache. AOC guidelines for Côtes du Rhone (pronounced Coat – dew- roan) Villages require wines to be at least 50% Grenache and contain a minimum of 20% Syrah or Mourvedre.  They may contain up to 20% of other permitted varietals.  Wines must also have a minimum alcohol content of 12%.

This particular wine is 14% alcohol by volume, visible in the lovely legs I noticed as I observed its deep purple color. 

On the nose - blackberry, dark fruit and baking spice, with specifically a hint of clove.  On the palate, full bodied, velvety, fruit forward with light tannins and a wonderful spice on the finish though more pepper like here than baking spice.

Though the wine has light tannins, with the higher alcohol content, I would avoid lighter dishes like fish, (even salmon or tuna), seafood or salads.  Beyond that, it’s quite versatile and can handle some spice. Try with a wonderful harvest stew like my slow cooker Bouja, a Cajun Filet or even  Chipotle Chili Sloppy Joes.  I think it would be wonderful with venison too for my deer hunting friends. To print or save the recipe pairing suggestions, click the links below.

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