Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Thanksgiving Wine Picks for 2016

Each year, throughout the year, as I'm tasting wines I make mental notes and sometimes written ones of wines I think would pair great for Thanksgiving. This year I've made my choices and I think you'll find either one quite enjoyable. 

Here's wishing you and those you love a blessed and bountiful Thanksgiving!

For a white wine, the 2011 Airlie 7 blew me away! Click here to read my review.

For a red, why not something highly drinkable, favorably priced and versatile? The 2013 Campo Viejo Tempranillo is all that and then some.  Click here to read my review. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Jean Claude Debeaune Macon- Villages Domaine Lenoir 2012 Wine Review

“Anything but Chardonnay!” For the longest time (and I have to admit even today to an extent) this quote speaks to my white wine preferences.  That is unless I am viewing a wine list and can select the Chardonnay.  Most often when I’m in a situation where the wine choices are limited it seems Chardonnay is the white wine option and it typically is a CA Chardonnay which generally are aged in new oak and are too toasted for my taste. However, thankfully, I’ve learned in time to not judge the varietal by the way it is treated.

Today’s Wine Wednesday feature is a White Burgundy, the 2012 Jean Claude Debeaune Macon-Villages Domaine Lenoir. The primary white varietal in the Burgundy region of France is Chardonnay. This particular wine comes from the Maconnais area of Burgundy. The Chardonnay or White Burgundy from this area is typically “unoaked”, so if you shy away from Chardonnay because of oak, you may want to try this wine.

On the nose, pear and tropical fruit. On the palate, a pleasant minerality and crisp clean finish with notes of citrus.

Pair this wine with Chicken and Dumplings or Seafood Penne Alfredo. Click the links below to print or save the recipe paring suggestions.