Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Rebel Coast Winery Sunday Funday White Blend (2013)

“Ice bank mice elf”. Say it fast three times! “Ice bank mice elf”. From Rebel Coast Winery, this week’s Wine Wednesday feature, the 2013 Sunday Funday comes with a peel off label containing a list of suggestions to liven up your party should things start to get a little stale and the aforementioned is one of those suggestions along with accepting your Mom’s friend request and swimming in a public fountain. 

I chose to try this Sonoma, CA white blend for Superbowl Sunday Funday. I always sort of make it a game with myself to try and name the varietals in a blend and then later research and see if I was right. This wine seemed largely Chardonnay on the palate with Viognier apparent on the nose and a little Sauvignon blanc for a splash of crisp acidity on the finish. I learned later that the blend is 90% Chardonnay, 8 % Sauvignon Blanc and 2% Viognier. The Chardonnay is stored in stainless for 10 months after the crush until all three varietals are blended together so for those who prefer an unoaked Chardonnay this blend may be something you’d be interested in.  The small amount of Viognier contributes largely to the nose of tropical fruit (pineapple and lychee). The Chardonnay gives it a velvety mouthfeel and the addition of the Sauvignon blanc provides the acidity that cleanses the palate that made me want to go back for each subsequent sip. 
For Super Bowl Sunday we enjoyed this while noshing on my favorite Spinach Dip recipe from Taste of Home Magazine. 

Also try this with Southwest Corn Cheddar Chowder or Chicken Pot Pie.  Click the links below to print or save the recipe.