Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Aveleda Praia Vinho Verde Wine Review

Vinho Verde is one of my favorite summer pleasures and this week’s Wine Wednesday feature the Aveleda Praia Vinho Verde is among the best I’ve had. 

Vinho Verde translates as “green wine”, but really means “young wine” as there are red, white and even rosé Vinho Verde.  It is “young wine” because most are meant to be consumed within a year of bottling. Therefore, most bottles don’t show a vintage year, though some list a bottling date. When shopping for Vinho Verde, the younger the better. Vinho Verde is not a varietal, but rather a growing region in the northwestern most area of Portugal.

The word Praia means beach in Portuguese and the name was possibly chosen because of the vineyards proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. Or maybe, it’s because it’s an exceptional wine for an afternoon on the beach.

Praia is a blend of 40% Arinto, 30% Loureiro, 20% Trajadura and 10% Azal. The wine exhibits a pale straw color with slightly grassy and herbal notes along with pronounced lemon. As with most Vinho Verde, it is effervescent. Though not enough to be considered a sparkling wine, it is lively and refreshing on the tongue. I particularly enjoyed the luscious not-too-tart lemon and minerality on the finish. This one was a little more interesting (I hesitate to say complex as it goes against the nature of Vinho Verde), but more interesting than most.

It is the perfect complement to a salad or seafood.  Serve with Lobster BLT Salad or nosh on Tortilla Chips with Garden Fresh Guacamole. Click the links below to print or save the recipe pairing suggestions.
Lobster BLT Salad

Garden Fresh Guacamole

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