Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Kitchen Sink Reserve White Table Wine Review

Everything but the kitchen sink! This idiom came to mind as I was tasting this week’s Wine Wednesday feature, Adler Fels, Kitchen Sink Reserve White Table Wine.  I have to admit, the label lured me.  With a name like Kitchen Sink, I knew it had to be a blend and I always enjoy a blend - trying to figure out what each varietal is bringing to the table, or in this case the sink.

Adler Fels sources their grapes from top producers all across California - maybe that's where the "reserve" comes into play. The varietals and the percentages used for this wine are a well-kept secret. This happens to be an NV or non- vintage wine, which could be part of the secret - a blend of different vintages.  On the nose, tropical fruit and faint floral and vegetal notes. On the palate, pear and citrus with a somewhat herbaceous, almost medicinal ( but not necessarily in a bad way) finish. 

What varietals are in this blend? Well, it’s more like, what varietals aren’t. I found this wine to be more of a hodge podge than a blend.  There was too much going on all at once.  The wine didn’t unfold or evolve. It seemed as though the winemaker was trying to be everything to everybody, but that's sort of what the name implies.

We paired this with Spicy Chicken Lettuce Wraps. Try also with Shrimp Po' Boys.  Click the links below to print or save the recipes.

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